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Add peaceful beauty to your landscaping

Beautiful landscaping creates an appealing, professional polish for your home or business

surroundings that elevates their look and creates a lasting impression.


In many situations, the most impactful landscaping features more than just flowers and trees.

River rock adds texture, color, and dimension without straying far from the natural beauty of

the landscaping surroundings.  


Visit our locally owned and operated yard to explore the wide variety of colors and shapes available.

Harness the appeal of the river

Rivers represent strength, peace, and natural beauty.

Using river rocks in your landscaping allows you to capture

these feelings and put them into your surroundings. This not only

lets you enjoy them whenever you walk through your landscaping,

but also lends the calming appeal to the overall impression your

home or business makes to those who visit.


You can choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes

of river rock to help you create the look you love for your space.

Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect rock and determine how much you will need to finish your project.

Design your space

• Create a flowing walkway with

  various sizes of river rock

• Use shimmering black river rock

  to create the impression of water

• Design a rock garden with a base

  of one color and accents of other

  sizes and colors

• Help protect soil from erosion and

  promote effective draining

Trust our over 30 years

of experience to help you select the right rocks for

your project.


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