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Add a unique touch to your landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, creating a seamless, cohesive design means avoiding uniformity

and embracing natural variations and unique shapes.


Fieldstone is an ideal medium for creating features that fit into the natural appeal of landscaping

to create an effect that is beautiful, yet subtle.


From large buildings to simple accessibility features, natural fieldstone adds unique touches that

preserve the beauty of the space while adding functionality.

What is fieldstone?

In its truest form, fieldstone is the naturally-occurring

layers of stone on the surface of fields. This stone is

traditionally removed to clear the land in order to repurpose

it for pasture or agriculture. Early pioneers removed this

stone to create arable land and then used the stones as

building material.


Due to the critical nature of removing all stone from the

surface, fieldstone comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors,

and shapes. With stones from over 7 states, we have a

tremendous array of options to help you achieve your vision.

Create features

• Outdoor kitchens

• Barns

• Homes

• Fire pits

• Patios


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