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Make a bold statement in your landscaping

Every detail you choose for your landscaping has an impact on the overall impression of the design.

Some of the details are subtle and blend into one another for a continuous look.


If you would rather make a bold statement, boulders offer a dramatic touch perfect for both residential

and commercial landscaping projects.


Boulders create impressive texture and dimension within a space, effectively directing attention

to a specific area of the landscaping.

Choose the right boulder

Boulders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Each of these types has a unique impact on the look of

our landscaping.

Whether you want a sharp and intense look or something

softer, there is a boulder that can create your desired effect.


Visit us and let us put over 30 years of experience behind

choosing the perfect boulders for your needs. With stones from

more than 7 states we have a wide variety of options to choose

from and our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you select

the one that is right for you.

Leave an impression

• Break up the appearance of  large


• Create a natural base for signage

• Create the appearance of levels and  

  variation in your landscaping

• Accent large beds

• Anchor the appearance of a rock garden

• Fill in empty areas

Visit our locally owned

and operated yard to

explore a wide variety of boulders to enhance your landscaping.


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